Sugalight Ice Cream is one of the few brands endorsed by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) for its nutritional excellence. Today, we’reHPB Healthier Choice Logo excited to announce that our Healthier Choice ice creams are available to primary, secondary and tertiary school canteens across Singapore.

Why Choose Sugalight Ice Cream?

Healthier Choice Endorsement: Students and parents can be assured of a premium ice cream that is lower in sugar and fat. Look out for our HPB Healthier Choice Logo!

Variety of flavours and sizes: Sugalight is available in sizes ranging from 70ml cups to 5L catering pans. Flavours include vanilla, chocolate, Cookie Monster and more!

Made in Singapore: Crafted locally, our healthier ice creams are freshly churned and delivered with minimal food miles.

Unbeatable Deals for School Canteen Operators
Canteen operators please WhatsApp us at 96326261 to learn more!