Introducing Sugalight LCHF Range
We have had numerous customer requests for this so for the first time, we are introducing Sugalight LCHF ice cream (Low Carb High Fat ice cream). With 16%-18% of healthy fats, this will be our creamiest range of ice cream so far! (and still made without sugar). A first step to satisfying our Keto fans!


Research has shown that a diet low in carbs and sugars while rich in healthy fats may keep obesity and metabolic syndrome (diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholestrol levels).

What healthy fats are found in Sugalight LCHF?

We incorporate fresh dairy cream, coconut oil and olive oil. We avoid the use of seed oil such as palm, sunflower, corn and canola.

What sweeteners are used?

Only natural sweeteners are used including Xylitol, low calorie Allulose (0.4Cal/g) as well as Stevia.

What flavours are available?

Currently the 2 LCHF flavours are: Vanilla Bean and Chocolate. There will be more flavours in the pipeline including non-dairy ones for our keto friendly ice creams.

What are the nutritional facts?

How do I get Sugalight LCHF?

Please order online for your Low Carb High Fat ice cream. Free delivery above $60 within Singapore.