Halal Ice Cream Now in Singapore!

Good news Sugalight fans! We have obtained Halal certifications for thirteen of our most popular flavours. Now you may present your friends and families this delicious treat with assurance.

Q: Why are only some of your ice cream flavours Halal?
A: Our aim is to get all Sugalight flavours Halal approved. Some of the flavours (eg. fruit froyo flavours) are limited edition or seasonal. As such, Halal approval for such flavours might come later than what we require.

Q: Does your factory process any non-Halal items?
A: Our factory is a Halal-certified facility. Hence only permissible food items and ingredients are used. The factory strictly DOES NOT PROCESS or use any alcohol, pork, lard or pork derivatives (pork gelatin).

Q; Which are the halal ice cream flavours?
A: Premium: Avocado Indulgence, Durian, French Dark Chocolate, Salted Gula Melaka, Macadamia Nut
Standard: Coconut, Cookie Monster, Cappuccino, Mango Sorbet, Minty Chocolate,Soymilk, Vanilla, Very Berry Drizzle
Sugalight Xylitol is Halal too!